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stack banana till the morning come

so i have an awesome friend by the name of megan who made me a great cd. im only on song eight right now and i have two more cds to listen to, ill get through all of them eventually. i made cookies for megan last night and someone whos name will go unmentioned made a mean comment about them right to my face. not cool missy. but i told her to fuck off so i have love in my heart for you again, i feel mean. this is my first live journal thing ever only becuase megan spent a bunch of time trying to explain how to do it and i struggled just to remember how to do this, im a bit dumb. i went to walmart after megans and daniel came up to me in line and scared me, what a spaz!oh and billy goat was there. now im sitting at the computer trying to type softly while everyone including the dogs are asleep. how it stinks to be in a house where i cannot talk at a normal level. some weird techno song thing is on right now, but i like it. anyways im going to try and figure out how to put a picture on this thing so that megan knows i leanred how.
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no it was hilary. leslie i loev you!!! you are such a sweetheart. those cookies fed me for two days with no food substances available. I'm most pleased. and i LOVe your cookies, and i rule, so thats all that matters. I'm glad you enjoy those cd's. and i think the techno-esq ones are Bjork.