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uneventful day

i had to walk to school today which is never a good thing unless im ditching first period to smoke by myself. and i wasnt because its may and i have will power. fell asleep in spanish again, i think juan waved at me and if he didnt im dumb. joe was very dressed up today for some reason and i swear he would purpously get me mad just so he could hug me and say sorry. he said if i didnt do drugs for this month hed buy me a pipe but i doubt it. it raised some eyebrows in ceramics when people overheard me talking about my pregnant barbie rattle with huge boobs. shes going to have very bad back pains. i waited for you again outside of your science class megan, alas you werent there, so sad. i had to swim in pe which stunk because i hit my legs getting out and have bruises now and i saw blood i swear. then after school jeanne was my tattoo artist and put a very beautiful beetle on my cheek but its come off already. haha then jamie totally invited herself over whcih i bet she wishes she didnt becuase i stuffed her with a pizza bagel and made her watch degrassi with me, guilty pleasure. cd number two was absolutely wonderful and im putting in number three right now. the song about the jabberwocky scared me.
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