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day after surgery

hey megan, hows persephone? i dont think i spelt that right. so yesterday, thursday i guess technically its saturday right now, i arrived at the hospital at ten to mistakingly wait in the lobby for over an hour and i was subject of a rumor going around the hospital that a girl was missing from her surgery and parents because she got cold feet and left. honest, my nurse named i have no idea told me as she was wheelchairing me to the car. so ig ot rushed striahgt into that little gown thing and these footies which i kept to get put to sleep. i started bawling like a baby right before they put the iv in my hand which left a gross bruise. the dr who put me to sleep actually put my dad to sleep a year before for knee surgery. i felt like a complete idiot when a nurse asked me when my last bowel movement was and i had to tell her through tears as she wiped my face with a towel that i had no idea what that was. why cant they just say when did you last take a shit like a normal person would. they had to put me to sleep before i got to see my surgery room or that mask that they ask you to count to one hundred or something becuase i got so hysterical. i woke up next to this guy who kept screaming ow so when the nurse asked if i was in pain i said yes and she shot me up and i felt all good again. i kept flinging my head around like a crazy person and the nurse made me stop. then i got brought up to where i was supposed to go while i was supposedly missing adn i watched bridget jones diary for a little bit because they wouldnt let me leave. then this really pretty lady took the iv needle out of my hand which hurt so bad even though i had all those drugs in me. then suprisingly i didnt puke or pass out and i went to safeway to get ice cream. that little thing that hangs down from the top of my mouth( the nurse said its called a uvula or something like that) swelled up like crazy so now i can barely swallow and i sound funny when i talk. its only been two days and if i have to eat anotehr can of soup i swear ill go crazy. my pain medication turns my mouth all numb. i cant wait for the day im well enough to switch from just liquids to liek mashed potatoes. today, friday, evil jeanne and jamie show up at my house even though i said i didnt want anyone to come for two weeks and we watched lost in translation. im only writing this because my pain is supposed to worsen starting tomrow and i probly wont be able to call megan for a while. so ill call you when i can.
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